Blended Learning Self-evaluation

Blended Learning Self-Evaluation app uses the eight dimensions as a structure for academics to reflect upon their existing practices, self-identify their own levels within the eight categories and record these results as benchmarks, for future reference. After working through the app and eight elements and identifying levels of implementation, a snapshot of the depth of adoption, in the form of coloured panels in the umbrella, will be visible. Lectures may print this adoption snapshot as well as a final report with achievements and suggested improvements from the app. Implementation of the suggested improvements may advance their blended teaching and learning practice.

To run the application on your local machine:

  • Click here to download the zip file.
  • Indicate where you want to download the App.
  • Unzip / extract file
  • Double click on Runme.html
  • The App will open

If you need the source files to adapt the app, please contact Detken Scheepers.

Online version of the app: